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Come on, be a sport!

The little ones at Umhlanga Jewish Day School are given a sporting chance with an expanding range of first class facilities!

83 on Wager: Virtual show day

Why wait til Sunday? Take our virtual tour of this exclusive development right now…

Go noooorth…

Life is peaceful there. Like you cannot believe. Read on for a taste...

UJC dedication in pictures

Sometimes seeing is believing. These pictures speak for themselves.

It's official, baby!

The Umhlanga Jewish Centre is now formally open.

If the Jews won’t go to the mountain…

Then bring Sinai to the Jews, wherever they are in the world. Even if that’s in a gorgeous little town on the south-east tip of Africa.

You light the spark in my bonfire heart

The Dynamix team really pulled out all the stops to make Lag Ba'omer at the UJC an unforgettable experience!

Calling all kids!

While the grown-ups are praying, the little ones’ spiritual growth is taken care of with tailor-made youth services. Read on to find out more...

A chag both kasher and sameach

The best Pesach you've ever, EVER celebrated, you say? Read how one Umhlanga family spent their chag.

It’s party time at the Umhlanga Jewish Centre!

The function facilities at the Umhlanga Jewish Centre (UJC) are world class and perfect for any simcha – just ask some of those who recently gathered their nearest and dearest to make merry.

A chag Purim sameach at Izinga

What a far out, groovy, psychedelic experience!

Modern-day chalutzim are settling the north

Residents are already moving into the development and filling it with heimishe atmospheree.

The wheels on the bus

Find out why kids and parents are clambering to get onto this bus!

New Housing Development is flying

Nearly complete, the residential development 83 on Wager is attracting attention.

UJDS at the forefront of technology and spirituality

Umhlanga Jewish Day School has gotten off to a brilliant start in 2014. Read why here...

Residential Development

Thinking of moving north? Then check this out!

Smachot at Umhlanga

Weddings, barmies, batties, and brisses... it's all happening at the Umhlanga Jewish Centre!

Umhlanga Jewish Day School Thriving

5773 has been a great year for the students and staff of Umhlanga Jewish Day School. Offering the very best of Jewish, secular and cultural education has never looked this good!

SA Rabbinical Council Conference at UJC

We were privileged to host the annual South African Rabbinical Council Conference from 5-7 August.

What rhymes with Umhlanga?

The UJDS children are bringing us naches again.

Moving, growing, expanding

There is so much going on at the Umhlanga Jewish Centre campus, as the kollel families begin to settle into their new houses and Umhlanga Jewish Day School continues to flourish.

Back on Track at Umhlanga Jewish Centre

What a busy and happy festive season it’s been here on the east coast! Read on to find out more...

Rain, rain, go away

Not even this week’s extreme weather is holding up development at the Umhlanga Jewish Centre (UJC)...

Only simchas

We all love to celebrate milestones and happy occasions, and to make these functions beautiful and memorable. Read on to see why the Umhlanga Jewish Centre is the perfect venue for your next simcha.

Making a Splash

A new mikvah and more news from the school

Bat Mitzvahs and Birthdays

This week it’s all about celebrations at the Umhlanga Jewish Centre.

Brick by Brick

The kollel houses are nearing completion. In the coming weeks three of the five houses will be ready for occupation and by the end of the year the core of the kollel community will be resident on the Umhlanga Jewish Centre Campus.

Shul open for smachot

The magnificent new shul is now open for smachot. Check out these glorious photos!

Umhlanga Jewish Centre is state-of-the-art!

So you know about the school and the shul, but did you know that the Umhlanga Jewish Centre also boasts a state-of-the-art auditorium?

Stunning new shul now complete!

The 350-seater shul is now complete and it is truly a work of art. The décor combines Judaism’s rich history with cutting edge design...

How to get to Heaven

Well, really that's between you and the Guy Upstairs. But while you're still in this world, the Umhlanga Jewish Community Centre is pretty close to heaven on earth!

Look how far we’ve come – and we’re only just getting started!

It’s hard to believe that a little over 15 months ago the Umhlanga Jewish Community Centre was just a pile of red sand and grand ideas.

Umhlanga Community Centre Gets Interactive!

Web videos, an Open Day and Generation Sinai II make the magnificent new community centre in Umhlanga accessible to everyone! Read on…

What's Nu @ Umhlanga

Welcome to What's Nu @ Umhlanga?, your online update of the structural and spiritual growth of the Jewish community development at Umhlanga, KZN, South Africa.

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